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A Day as an Engineer at Akari 

What's it like to work at Akari? Let's take a look!

Workday Flow 

Here's a quick run down of a typical day for an engineer at Akari. 

 ~ 10:30

Clock In

At Akari, clock in time is any time from 9:00AM - 10:30AM. Most people come around 10:00AM~10:30AM 

10:30 ~ 12:00


In order to focus on work in the afternoon, we try to book all meetings before lunch.

12:00 ~ 14:00


Getting in some grind work for on going projects or developing in-house products 

14:00 ~ 15:00


 At Akari, each employee can choose their lunch time. Most people take a break around 14:00 or 15:00. Go to a restaurant nearby or bring your own food! 

15:00 ~ 19:30


Now that you're full, let's keep the grind going and finish the day strong.

19:30 ~


After a days of work, a beer sounds good, or maybe a late night movie.

A very simplified but a typical day as an engineer at Akari! 

PC Environment

Every employee at Akari is supplied with a MacBook Pro. As an engineer, we connect this to a display monitor. Did I say monitor? I meant monitors! Each engineer gets 2 monitors with fully customizable placement / implementation. Keyboards and mouse differ depending on the person and if there's anything else you want, you can apply for new equipment! 

Why a Laptop? 

Akari is has a headquarters location and also rents share office spaces as satelite locations in Tokyo. If you want a change of view for the day, or just a breather, employees are encouraged to go to the share office. Even in the office we have a round table that employees can use whenever working at the desk gets tiring. In order to enable maximum mobility, Akari supplies a laptop to every employee.  

Commonly used Editors and Languages 

The most common editor is the multi-functioned Visual Studio Code. Some people use Sublime Text. As for language, the most common are  TypeScript and Python. We also use Angular and Django to develop our in-house CMS Okra. We also update our tech blog so be sure to check that out for more!  

Akari is Looking for Engineers! 

If you felt that you wanted to work at Akari after reading this, please come check out the Career page!