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LineArt : Pursuit of Beauty and Comfortability 

Charmant headquarters is located in Sabae of Fukui Prefecture where 90% of the national eye-wear frames are produced. "LineArt" is their flagship brand that is made in their pursuit to provide ultimate comfortability. For this brand, Charmant has developed their own metal material, even their own component bonding technology. LineArt is greatly praised for their craftsmanship and has won many awards.  Akari's goal when creating their brand website was to express what is referred to consumers as  a "miraculous" fitting when visiting the website. 

WE DeLivered 
Planning, Direction, Design, Front-end Implementation, System Development

Art Direction

LineArt is loved by people of all ages. We aimed for a UI that was easy to navigate for people that have a difficult time reading small characters. Also, for people that may not have much experience browsing the web. The goal was prioritizing readability without unnecessary flair while showcasing the beauty of the product.