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Web Organization Trick: Numbering

The Effects of Numbering 

If you're a web designer I'm sure at least once in your career you have encountered a case where there was a page full of information, and had trouble condensing it to one page. Many of these cases are landing pages or special sites that branch from the main website. 

One effective method that can help organize pages like this is numbering. By categorizing the topics on the page and numbering them it's a simple an effective way to make the information concise. By creating a design around these numbers, you end up with a refreshing website with a cohesive progression throughout the page. 

Numbering has additional effects. It also works as a great graphic design. When the page is one full of text information, it could act as a great visual accent. Even if you don't physically use numbers, numbering them the page becomes more organized and prioritizes which information is the most important. 

Branding Numbering

Information organization is usually the main goal of numbering but here's an example where the physical numbers are part of the branding itself. 

1980s English record label "Factory Records" Famous for having artists such as Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays.  The graphic designer for the label was famous english designer Peter Saville. Do they use numbering not only in their audio products, but posters, visuals, artworks, employee rooms, and even the cat they owned. 


Event poster


Album  "Unknown Pleasures"

FAC 51

The Haçienda, the label owned club 

FAC 61

A court case caused by a ex producer at Factory 

FAC 73

Single "Blue Monday" 

FAC 136

Original Tape

FAC 191

A cat that took a liking to the club 

FAC 251

Office inside Factory head quarters

FAC 383

Fans of New Order called "Vikings" 

FAC 401

Film "24 Hour People" 

FAC 461

 Artwork book

By organizing these seemingly random items, it shows the aesthetic of the label in a humorous way. 
Even when the label founder Tony Wilson passed away, the coffin had the number FAC 501. Everything was numbered. 


Numbering is easily overlooked but can be a powerful tool. If you ever found yourself troubled bythe amount of information, try numbering once. It might help you organize the page. 

*1:Cerysmatic Factory(https://cerysmatic.factoryrecords.org/