Aiming for a Consumer App Resembling ERP

“Utilizing AI to maximize convenience for the end user and cutting out wasteful routine work.” HUE, a ERP software by Works Applications takes pride in high design qualities and AI to bring business improvements. This project is to recruit engineers that would help grow HUE.

Works Applications was not aiming for a high-end ERP that was towards only for businesses but one similar to daily consumer apps. One that is easy-to-use and can provide great UX. The target demographic for hiring were consumer software engineers, for example in gaming or EC.

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Generally speaking, between consumer software and business software, there is a gap in the technology used and overall atmosphere when in development. It is rare to find somebody that can balance out these two areas. During the planning phase, we put put time into how we can communicate to recruit the best people possible. We interviewed a developer of HUE and posted the article. By showing the developer and the thoughts that went into development, we wanted people to feel closer even if they have no experience in the field. Also it was to showcase the cutting edge approach of Works Applications that sets them apart from other companies. 

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Planning, IA, Design, Art Direction, Still Photograph Shoot, Text Writing, Front-end Implementation