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CMS Okra on Apr 2019 Issue
of "Web Designing" Mag 

Exciting news! An article of our in-house CMS "Okra" has been published in the 2019 April issue of a popular magazine "Web Designing"

Okra was originally a CMS we developed for our clients at Shufu-to-Seisakatsusha and LEON.JP. After many updates and revisions, we officially released the service in December 2018. Around the same time of the release of Okra, we were told by Web Designing Magazine that they were going to an article titled "CMS 2.0". Now that's great timing right there. 
In the article, we were interviewed about tasks that we are facing and a overview of the CMS. We talked about the dashboard UI and went in-depth with the retention mechanism.       

Not a bookworm? We got you. You can read the article online on the WD Online website. Look below for a link.