CMS To Bottom-Up UI/UX Construction

Tech companies have been pushing the envelope in the past 10 years regarding UI/UX and the services we enjoyed are convenient more than ever. The truth is that  websites that are commissioned to web companies by corporations that are not tech savvy do have their limits. But we realized that the problem lay more in the basis of the situation. The act of starting from scratch and creating a product with satisfying UX and using an existing CMS with its own limits to create exactly what one wants was extremely difficult and almost contradicting.

Fortunately we were able to tackle these situations and see what specific tasks we needed to overcome. We invested 2 years of our time to construct a solution that we believe is the best answer to the problem above. We will be releasing this original CMS under name the "OKRA". 

Sending Accurate Information By Acting as a Data Center

Firstly, we believe the most important factor is transmitting or spreading information. With the existing CMS, the information is stored as  HTML lines not as a structure soreuse of information or replacing designs for websites become difficult. 

In the past every time we were involved in a digital signage or IoT device project, we felt the stress of pulling information from existing systems. We believe that in the coming years the CMS should be the data center for companies. 

What we have done with Okra is  we we have created an interface and structure where all the information that is saved on the web page can be acquired via JSON API. For example if your client is an auto-mobile parts maker, a list of all saddles, colors, and images can be acquired via API. 

Our Premise

  • ・HTML should not be saved in the data base
  • ・Search should be an easy key word search
  • ・A structure for easy design replacement
  • ・Make updating a fun activity 
  • ・Integrate AI somewhere (In-progress)

Design - Full Control and Separation from Information 

Correct management of information, makes information meaningful to design, system, codes and of course to humans. Designs will be fully managed separately under the category of designs. Also when editing written content, the format will not be a middle ground of HTML and GUI but fully GUI. 

We are appreciating that as we type this sentence. We believe when structuring owned media, writers should be editing while seeing what the published page looks like. It is a time efficient and allows full commitment to their craft.

From Website Creation to App Development 

Regarding UI design or front-end infrastructure, we believe it should see as more of an architectural process. Similar to application construction/development. We have numerous functions to help developers and designing framework to offer easy customization for the front-end.

Everything said, we still have a long way to go. We must communicate with external venders and create more relationships with developers and designers. We will continue to spread our information as much and far as we can. 

No matter what type of business you are, if you feel that using an old CMS just does not sit right with you, please feel free to contact us.