Information Transmission Via
Owned Media To Drive Open Innovation

Chubu Electric Power works together with partners to find problems within a certain area and creates need-base services. It is progression for open innovation, making areas easier to live in.

Constructing COELOG an own media to find and solve tasks, while at the same time making the problem solving method visible. This way information can be shared between the company and stakeholders with almost no lag, and result being a driving force for the company.

Chubu Electric Power
Direction, Design UI Construction

Communicative Design

One thing we kept in mind regarding design was to educate and also experience the ideas. We came to the conclusion that the best design would resemble a sketchbook. We used illustrations that connect the articles in a visual way, and used Tsukushimaru Gothic a typeface that is easy to read but has a sketch-like characteristic. We steered away from a "digital" aesthetic and tried to create an inclusive atmosphere that said "let's learn together".

Visual Identity

"Connect the lives of people living in a region and grow the circle of people". This was our main goal. To translate this idea into a logo, we used inviting soft lines and a circular shape. It is a design that goes well not just in a digital platform but also versatile on print.