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Branding to Enlarge Shares

Our project was to brand AED Plus, a product with big shares over seas, to raise awareness in Japan. We created a website, movies, posters and all different types of media to raise awareness of AED Plus, to nurture the knowledge of lifesaving.

AsahiKASEI Zoll Medical
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Art Direction,
Creative Direction,Copywriting,
UI Design,EditorialDesign,3DCG,

Copywriting and Information Design 

"How can we lessen the pressure of the life saver?"
The AED Plus is an AED with numerous functions to support life saving but the hurdle we had to overcome was the perception that AEDs are difficult to use without any prior life saving knowledge. 
In order to overcome this, we created a copy that focused on the message of "An AED built to help the lifesaver as well". By putting this forward, we emphasized that each feature is there to make the lifesaving process more simple than ever. 

Information Design 
We constructed the website to show a natural flow of information detailing the following: What to do when you see someone suddenly falling down and the lifesaving process using the ZOLL AED Plus. Through this flow, we aimed to explain why the features on the AED Plus were necessary and useful.  

Clean yet Comforting UI 

The site is generally using the white color scheme to keep the site clean but added warmth using utilizing text layout and editoral features. The warmth is to emphasise the life saving aspect, and using 3DCG and other visual information, we aimed to show more than tell the information. A stress-less yet informative UIUX was our aim.   

Editoral Mediums and Movies 

Akari has created all the 3DCG on the website from modeling to composite. To stay accurate to the product as possible, the textures are all created by actual pictures taken and made sure there were no errors in information. Using the 3DCG, we grew the branding out to editorial mediums as well. By creating movies as long as website, we tried to cover as much as digital ground as possible.