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Designing Communication for an Education Venture 

Cluex, a company focused on "Edtech" (IT x Education) and Itoguchi a company that manages off line cram schools around Japan. These two have teamed up to create Clueit in November of 2018. This project was a creating an online portal that would become a commutation hub for potential clients and recruits. 

Planning, IA, Art Direction, Design, Front-end Implementation, Copy-writing 

Information Architecture

We wanted to create an easy-to-understand corporate introduction. A single page informative that would be straight to the point while having enough information to explain the details of a company that is still new. Starting from the catch, we tackled mission statement, area of work, and  focused on creating a corporate identity from the inside out.

An Organic Society 

Having education as a backbone, the true goal of Clueit is to face global societal issues. To realize this image, we aimed for a friendly, yet ambition filled design. Tracing the corporate identity, the color scheme is easy on the eye, yet having a practical website. We were able to create a website that has a unique balance of two very different worlds. 


As for font, we used a font that became available in 2019, the Shuei Nijimi Maru Gothic. This font is friendly, yet has a editorial design. The font itself describes what we envisioned the site to be very well.