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An Information Dispatch Infrastructure 
to Prepare For Listing

Conversations started around 6 months before GA technologies listed as a public company. GA technologies has created a real estate search, management app for private investors. On the inside, they utilized AI for paperless property purchase. The company combined technology with real estate -- ReTech and continued growing. Growing staff, customers, also with the timing of new investors, they constructed a new Corporate Identity. Akari created the corporate website to pair with this announcement.   

GA technologies
WE delivered
Planning, IA, Art Direction, Design Front-end Implementation, CMS construction, 3DCG, Still Photography, Copy writing.

Reimagine Into a ReTech Company 

Although GA technologies aims to change the analog real estate, ReTech companies in Japan are still sparse. Also because real estate is seen as a traditional industry, it was difficult for Ga technologies to break out of this bubble. Akari was in charge of creating 3DCG visuals, still photography, text writing and other development resources from the ground up.  Our main goal was to bring forth the ReTech image of GA technologies.